1. Half There

  2. Salvation Mountain

  3. Balboa Park II

  4. Balboa Park

  5. San Diego

  6. A spread from my mock-Clorox advertisement. Photography, illustration, design, done by yours truly.

  7. In the Flowers - Animal Collective

  8. Progress

  9. Some roughs.


  10. Anonymous asked: even though i'm extremely jealous/envious of your successes in chicago because i haven't even been remotely lucky enough to get anything close to it in this amazing city in the midwest, i'm still proud of everything you've accomplished here. keep it up.

    Whoa dude that’s kind of crazy to say! I don’t think I’ve been all that “successful;” I have a lot of work to do in order to get to a place where I can feel that way. You are probably amazing. Most humans are in one way or another. I appreciate the kind words, though.